Campus Master Plan | 2011
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University Properties

The University of Texas at El Paso consists of 414 acres, divided by topography into two parts: the "Core Campus" and the "North Campus." The Core Campus is located on a gently sloping plateau overlooking the City of El Paso to the south. Although much of the Core Campus is densely developed, some portions are underutilized, with relatively small, widely spaced buildings.

The majority of the University's property in the North Campus is extremely mountainous, composed of steep slopes of crumbling rock, not readily amenable to new construction. With the exception of the Sun Bowl Stadium, nestled between steep hills, and the Recreational Sports area, the developed portions of the North Campus are located on the relatively flat ground between the east face of the ridge and Mesa and Oregon Streets.

Within its current boundaries, the campus's developable sites consist primarily of those occupied by small buildings of low architectural quality, surface parking lots at the periphery of the Core Campus, and along the eastern edge of the North Campus.

The UTEP campus and its environs (click image for larger version)

Potential Acquisitions

With densely developed residential neighborhoods to the campus's south and east and a major highway to its west, opportunities for future expansion are limited. The most desirable areas for growth are the city blocks between Mesa and Oregon Streets. Although the extensive Providence Memorial Hospital complex limits expansion immediately east of the core campus, acquiring the underdeveloped blocks just north of the hospital would enable the University to expand its facilities while increasing its visibility along Mesa Street. In particular, the blocks bordering the University Avenue/Mesa Street intersection could be developed as a major gateway to the campus from the east. A similar gateway could be created at the Sun Bowl Drive/Mesa Street intersection. New facilities along Mesa may incorporate ground-level retail space to contribute to the commercial district while housing University functions above.

Several smaller properties south of campus should also be considered for acquisition. Development in this area should be directed toward better defining Schuster Avenue and providing a clearly defined edge between the University and its residential neighbors.

This will create another opportunity to establish a campus gateway at the Schuster/Hawthorne intersection. Buildings south of campus should be scaled to respect the historic character of the Sunset Heights neighborhood.

An extensive area west and north of campus—the decommissioned ASARCO smelting operation—may present another opportunity for long-term campus growth. This area is separated from the built-up portions of campus by extremely rough topography, however, and will require bio-hazard mitigation before any development can occur. The Master Plan recommends that the University pursue the acquisition of properties east and south of campus before considering development of the ASARCO property.

The properties identified as most desirable for acquisition may not be available for some time, if ever. In that event, the University should work with the property owners and surrounding neighborhoods to encourage mixed use development that could benefit both the University and the El Paso community.
Existing University Buildings (click image for larger version)

01  Helen of Troy Softball Complex
02  Las Palmas (333 N. Mesa)
03  Multi-Purpose Field
04  Student Recreation Center
05  Soccer Field
06  Physical Plant
07  Rudolph Warehouse
08  Hoover House
09  University Ticket Center
10  Don Haskins Center
11  Foster Stevens Basketball Complex
12  Glory Road Parking Garage
13  Glory Field Football Practice
14  Intercollegiate Athletics Warehouse
15  Military Science Building
16  Brumbelow Building
17  North Energy Plant
18  Tank
19  Memorial Gym
20  Larry K. Durham Center
21  Sun Bowl Stadium
22  Ross Moore Building
23  Kidd Field
24  Holliday Hall
25  Miner Village
26  Seamon Hall
27  Computer Science Building
28  Quinn Hall
29  Old Main Building
30  Graham Hall
31  Vowell Hall
32  Psychology Building
33  Heritage House
34  Education Building
35  Hilton Garden Hotel
36  Fox Fine Arts Center
37  Magoffin Auditorium
38  Union West
39  Union East
40  Sun Bowl Parking Garage
41  Miners Hall
42  Worrell Hall
43  University Bookstore
44  Hudspeth Hall
45  Cotton Memorial Building
46  Geological Sciences Building
47  Burges Hall
48  Barry Hall
49  Kelly Hall
50  Undergraduate Learning Center
51  El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center
52  Centennial Museum
53  Benedict Hall
54  Bell Hall
55  de Wetter Center
56  Central Energy Plant
57  Bioscience Research Building
58  Administration Building
59  Physical Sciences Building
60  Liberal Arts Building
61  Honors House
62  Academic Advising Center
63  Engineering and Sciences Complex
64  Library
65  Business Administration Building
66  Chemistry/Computer Science Building
67  1804 Hawthorne Street
68  1800 Hawthorne Street
69  Child Care Center
70  College of Health Sciences/School of Nursing
71  Hertzog Building
72  Rim Road Parking Garage
73  Academic Services Building
74  1608 Hawthorne Street
75  1601 Hawthorne Street
76  Miner Heights Housing
77  1514 Hawthorne Street