Campus Master Plan | 2011
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University Avenue

University Avenue is a primary campus entrance both from the west and particularly from its east side. At the heart of the core campus, University Avenue is a popular drop-off point as well as a convenient campus throughstreet. Along with its vehicular use, University Avenue sees heavy pedestrian traffic crossing from the Wiggins and Hawthorne neighborhoods up to Memorial Triangle and the northern part of campus. This conflict between vehicular and foot traffic results in congestion and delays for drivers and safety hazards for pedestrians. Moreover, the width of the carriageway—over 60 feet of pavement at its widest point—on this important campus entrance detracts from the beauty of Memorial Triangle and creates an inhospitable, barren environment for pedestrians that disconnects the northern and southern parts of the core campus.

The Master Plan recommendation to convert Wiggins Drive and Hawthorne Street to pedestrian streets will reduce the need for vehicular access to the center of University Avenue. The Master Plan proposes that its central portion—approximately from the Museum at its west end to Union East at its east end—be reserved for pedestrian use, with accommodations for service and emergency vehicles. This central portion of the street should be narrowed, with special paving and consistent landscaping along either edge. Establishing a pedestrian scale will enhance connectivity across University Avenue, allowing for safe crossing and integrating Memorial Triangle with the renovated streets and spaces to its south.

To continue to accommodate University Avenue's important function as a campus dropoff, drop-off lanes and turnarounds should be provided at either end of the pedestrian street, with information booths to direct visitors to nearby parking.

Existing and Proposed Plans (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of proposed plan, click here for larger version of existing plan)