Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Transit Systems

Currently, UTEP's internal transit system, Miner Metro, serves the outer limits of the campus fairly well but fails to penetrate the center of campus. In order to more evenly distribute the service and thereby shorten walking distances between stops and destinations, the proposed metro routes utilize previously untouched streets at the center of campus, such as Randolph Drive, University Avenue, Wiggins Drive and western portions of Rim Road.

The proposed Route 1 travels the entire length of the campus along Sun Bowl Drive and Schuster Avenue, terminating at garages both furthest north and south. It is an efficient route, linking the west campus to many parking zones. Route 2 travels opposite route 1 along the eastern edge of the university, connecting northern zones to the central campus gateway at University Avenue.

In order to accommodate both existing and proposed traffic conditions, the intersection at Kern Drive and Mesa Street will require a right-in, right-out stop control. As a result, route 1 will travel in a clockwise direction around this block, while route 2 will move in a counter-clockwise direction.

Route 3 provides an optional path of service, from more athletic-intensive facilities, such as the Don Haskins Center, down through the core campus. This route creates valuable connections between the densest portions of campus but precautions must be taken to ensure the metro does not interfere with the newly created pedestrian zones on Wiggins Drive and University Avenue, as well as the limited access zone in front of Magoffin and Geology.

Route 4 services UTEP's nursing facilities downtown, linking this removed campus directly to the newly built Health Sciences building.

Proposed Bus Routes (click image for larger version)