Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Schuster Avenue

Schuster Avenue runs east/west along the southern edge of the UTEP campus. With the exception of the Academic Services Building and a new parking garage under construction on its north side, the street is bounded by surface parking lots. Schuster Avenue's western end currently curves northward to meet Sun Bowl Drive. The Texas Department of Transportation intends to straighten Schuster, and construct a new overpass across I-10, linking Schuster to Route 375. Schuster Avenue will become a primary vehicular route to campus.

The Master Plan proposes that new campus buildings and parking garages be constructed to border both sides of Schuster Avenue, and that a new roundabout and campus gateway be constructed at the intersection of Schuster and Hawthorne Street. Proposed parking garages should incorporate campus activities on their ground floors to enliven the street. The existing northward extension of Schuster Avenue, connecting it to Sun Bowl Drive, will become a new street, intersecting Schuster, and will border the proposed South Desert Park.

Interim Schuster Streetscape

In addition to being a reservoir for long-term campus growth, Schuster Avenue is a major entry point for students and visitors to the UTEP campus, and is one of the University's more prominent faces. To enhance campus entry from the south and to soften the University's interface with the Sunset Heights residential district, certain improvements should be made to its streetscape in the near-term. Trees and desert vegetation should be planted along its sidewalks, as well as the borders of existing parking lots. Bicycle paths along Schuster Avenue should be incorporated in the design of the street, and shade structures should be constructed at bus stops. These improvements will provide a more comfortable and attractive environment for students walking to the Core Campus from the Schuster parking lots and will give the University a stronger presence along Schuster Avenue. Landscape and hardscape elements should be designed to work with anticipated long-term architectural development in this areas, as well as the eventual construction of the I-10 overpass.

Existing and proposed Schuster Avenue plans
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Existing and proposed west-facing section through Schuster Avenue and Parking Lots S-1 and P-1 showing Long-term Development (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of proposed section, click here for larger version of existing section)