Campus Master Plan | 2011
Click here for a full PDF copy of the UTEP Campus Master Plan

Planning Principles

The following ideas underlie the design of the Campus Master Plan:

Architecture and landscape are to define and articulate space


The Campus Core will become a predominately pedestrian zone


New facilities will reflect the campus's Bhutanese architectural heritage


The campus's landscape will draw upon desert ecosystems while offering oases of shade and greenery


Natural features of the campus will be protected and enhanced


The campus should provide green oases such as Leech Grove (above) as well as spaces that reflect its desert heritage with less resource-intensive landscaping such as the terraced garden that adjoins it (below).

Recommendations of the Plan

These Goals and Planning Principles are manifested in five major recommendations for the UTEP campus:

Private vehicles will be excluded from the Core Campus


Shading devices will be incorporated into new buildings and along pedestrian paths and open spaces


Memorial Triangle will be enlarged and enhanced as the University's primary outdoor gathering space


The campus's network of pedestrian paths will be strengthened and improved


The Arroyo will be transformed into a unique, positive campus feature