Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Parking Distribution

Existing Parking Distribution

With the recently-completed Glory Road parking garage in the north campus and designs underway for a new garage at Schuster Avenue, the University is on track to have a total of 10,132 on-campus parking spaces by 2012. This will give the University a ratio of about 0.45 spaces per student—a slightly higher ratio than is typical at similar academic institutions, but not unreasonable given the high proportion of UTEP students who commute to campus.

Most of the campus's parking is provided on surface lots, with over 800 spaces in the Core Campus along Hawthorne, Wiggins, and University as well as in small lots such as IC-4 and IC-10. The majority of parking is located at the campus's periphery, with large surface lots in the north campus, west of campus adjacent to Sun Bowl Drive, and south of campus adjacent to Schuster Avenue.

As the campus continues to grow, the University has begun constructing parking garages to accommodate more cars within a reasonable distance to major campus destinations. Sun Bowl Parking Garage, constructed in 2007, provides over 1,600 spaces easily accessible both from the Core Campus and from Sun Bowl Stadium. The new Schuster Garage adds 700 spaces with direct access to facilities along Wiggins and Hawthorne. The new garage at the intersection of Glory Road and Oregon Street is more remote from the Core Campus but will be linked with city and University transit systems.

Existing and Proposed Plans of UTEP Parking Distribution (mouse over for proposed image,
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Proposed Parking Distribution

The Master Plan recommends that surface parking be relocated from the Core Campus to structured parking and smaller lots at the campus periphery. Small parking areas with controlled access will remain for service, handicapped, and short-term use.

The Plan proposes the construction of nine parking garages to replace the Core Campus surface parking and to accommodate additional demand as the student body increases. New garages will be located adjacent to the campus's major entry roads—Sun Bowl Drive and Schuster Avenue—and will be distributed to provide access to both academic and event facilities within a reasonable walking distance. Revised University transit routes will be located adjacent to new garages to connect remote parking to the Core Campus.

The Plan recommends that new parking structures generally be six levels—about 50 feet—in height to maximize capacity while maintaining compatibility with campus buildings. In certain locations along Schuster Avenue, the Plan recommends garages be no more than five levels so as not to obstruct views from campus.

Although most of the campus's surface lots will be replaced by structured parking or new facilities, some areas of surface parking will remain. Because of overhead utilities, lot S-4 and portions of S-3 are unsuitable for construction and will therefore remain as surface parking. Some surface lots near the stadium—lots P-5, P-6, R-2, and a portion of P-9—will also be preserved to allow for game day tailgating.

The Plan provides a total of 12,249 on-campus parking spaces. For the University's anticipated growth to 30,000, this translates to about 0.41 spaces per student. Although less than the campus's current 0.45 ratio, this slight reduction in parking reflects the reduced need that will result from increased on-campus housing. Should the University wish to increase this ratio, parking structures may be built at seven levels, although garages in the Schuster area are not recommended to exceed five levels.