Campus Master Plan | 2011
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North Sun Bowl Drive

The northern portion of Sun Bowl Drive runs parallel to El Paso's commercial Mesa Street. There is little spatial definition along the street today and few pedestrian amenities. It serves primarily as an access road for the parking lots that border it, and to the campus's Softball Complex and recreational facilities at the north end of campus. Although remote from the Core Campus, the strip of land between Sun Bowl Drive and Mesa Street is one of the few relatively flat and unbuilt areas on UTEP's existing property, and should be developed both to accommodate facility needs and to strengthen connectivity between the North Campus and the Core Campus.

The Master Plan proposes a mix of new buildings and parking garages in this area, including a mixed-use residential and retail complex. New vehicular and pedestrian streets will organize the site, dividing this undeveloped land into blocks. An internal pedestrian path will run north/south through the center of these new blocks, linking the residences and parking in the mixed-use complex to the Don Haskins Center and other facilities around Glory Road.

Interim Streetscape Improvements

Improvements should be made to the streetscape along North Sun Bowl Drive in advance of new construction in this area. Trees and desert vegetation should be planted along the sidewalks and the borders of the existing parking lots. Bicycle paths should be incorporated into the design of the street, and shade structures should be constructed at intervals along the street.

Existing and proposed plans
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Existing and proposed north-facing sections through Sun Bowl Drive showing Parking Lots R-2 and R-3 showing Long-term Development (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of proposed section, click here for larger version of existing section)