Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Letter from the President

This Master Plan, like its predecessors, provides an update of UTEP's campus planning in support of the sustained commitment we've made to offer increasingly competitive academic and research programs to our steadily growing student population. But this planning document goes well beyond that: accompanying preparations for the celebration of UTEP's Centennial in 2014, it also presents us with a vision of a major campus climate transformation that will serve as a legacy of this important milestone in the University's distinguished history of serving this Paso del Norte region.

This UTEP Master Plan respects and reflects the University's history from its origins as the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy, Texas College of Mines, Texas Western College and The University of Texas at El Paso, and draws inspiration from our founders who designed and built Bhutanese-style campus buildings that are both architecturally unique and in harmony with our desert southwest environment. Looking forward, the Plan offers a vision of new teaching and learning environments, specialized research and performance facilities, and the open spaces that surround and connect them. Together, they will create a vibrant campus climate for future generations of students who will entrust us with the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations during UTEP's second century of service to this region.

The aggressive campus construction and renovation program nearing completion at UTEP is both a response to the growth in our enrollment—to nearly 23,000 students this year—and in our externally funded research and doctoral programs, as well as a reflection of the exciting transformation that is already underway on the UTEP campus. At its heart, this is a transformation in our attitudes and aspirations for the future of The University of Texas at El Paso. We are a far more confident and ambitious university than ever before, and we know that our vision of becoming the first (Tier One) national research university with a 21st century student demographic is within our reach.

Dr. Diana Natalicio, President

The UTEP Master Plan is not merely a set of images of what the campus will look like, it is a statement of what we are determined to become. It stands as a vision of the future that effectively merges unique campus designs with UTEP's core mission of providing students with access to opportunity through student- centered educational and research experiences delivered by faculty and staff deeply committed to far-reaching excellence in all that they do to serve the residents of the Paso del Norte region. Moreover, while maintaining our firm commitment to honor our heritage, this plan guides the transformation of UTEP's campus into an even more appealing and functional physical space by replacing campus roadways and vehicular traffic with pedestrian pathways, open spaces and shaded areas designed to encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to gather together and enjoy each other's company, our beautiful campus and our wonderful desert southwest weather.

Excellent campus master plans are the products of hard work and the collective vision of a large numbers of stakeholders. The UTEP Master Plan is no exception. I thank the UTEP planning team, Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects, Michael Dennis and Associates, and all those who dedicated their time and expertise to help us chart a future course toward an even more appealing and functional campus climate at The University of Texas at El Paso.

        - Dr. Diana Natalicio, President