Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Hawthorne Street

Located at the eastern edge of the core UTEP campus, Hawthorne Street is a primary southern entrance to campus, affording dramatic views up to Memorial Triangle and the Psychology Building beyond. As with other streets in the core campus, however, Hawthorne Street is currently dominated by cars. Though only a two-lane street, diagonal parking on either side increases its effective width to nearly 60 feet, leaving space for only a narrow pedestrian path on either side. A portion of the sidewalk along the east side of Hawthorne is further encumbered by a rock outcropping.

Flanked primarily by science and engineering buildings, Hawthorne will become an important academic district as well as a major public face for the campus. An obstacle to achieving greater visibility along Hawthorne is the presence of the hospital to its east, including one property immediately adjacent to Hawthorne Street. Acquiring additional properties along Hawthorne, particularly at its intersections with Rim Road and Schuster Avenue, will allow the University to expand its engineering facilities while enhancing its visibility.

The Master Plan proposes that additional buildings be constructed to define this important campus street. The Schuster/Hawthorne intersection will become a major campus gateway, with a roundabout at its center and signage to indicate arrival to campus.

In keeping with the Master Plan recommendation to establish a pedestrian environment in the core campus, the portion of Hawthorne between Rim Road and University Avenue will be converted to a major pedestrian path. Vehicular traffic will be limited to service and emergency vehicles. The carriageway will be reduced in width and paved and landscaped to enhance Hawthorne as a major pedestrian space.

The Master Plan recommends that new buildings along Hawthorne incorporate loggias and other shading devices to define this pedestrian corridor and provide relief from the desert sun. The protective fence that currently shelters pedestrians from the rock outcropping and the hospital beyond should be replaced with a freestanding loggia, with terraced desert plantings softening the appearance of the outcropping. This loggia will establish continuity along the property line and will create a unique landscape feature while shielding this portion of the sidewalk from falling debris.

The Plan proposes that new facilities be constructed on the sites of the existing Liberal Arts Building and Academic Advising Building. These new buildings should address not only Hawthorne Street but also the Arroyo.

A new courtyard, framed by the Academic Advising replacement building, will have views into the Arroyo, with a bridge connecting across to the Liberal Arts replacement and University Avenue beyond.
Existing and Proposed Plans (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of proposed plan, click here for larger version of existing plan)

View of proposed Hawthorne Street (click image for larger version)

Section through Existing and Proposed Hawthorne Street (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of proposed section, click here for larger version of existing section)