Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Campus Edges and Gateways

The Master Plan proposes that, as far as possible on its existing property, campus edges be strengthened, and gateways be created at major entrances.

Schuster Avenue, currently occupied by a large parking lot, will become a primary vehicular entrance to campus, and will be defined by new campus buildings and parking structures. A new gateway will be located at the intersection of Schuster Avenue and Hawthorne Street.
The new construction in the blocks between Sunbowl Drive and Mesa Street will address both streets and will demarcate gateways on the connecting east/west streets.
Should it become possible for the University to acquire additional property between Oregon Street and Mesa Street, the University would be able to exert a beneficial influence on the character of these streets, and gain a greater public presence in the city of El Paso. A major symbolic entrance to the campus would be appropriate at the intersection of University Avenue and Mesa Street.

It is helpful to consider the Master Plan as a series of major neighborhoods within the UTEP campus. Following from the proposed civic structure plan, these neighborhood plans provide specific recommendations for the buildings, landscape, and circulation systems that relate to the primary and secondary components of the civic structure. While the edges between one neighborhood and the next are indistinct, each is characterized by a clear center. Some center around a major open space, while others are united by important pedestrian or vehicular streets.

The following detail plans do not encompass all of the improvements recommended in the Plan, but comprise the major pieces of the Plan whose implementation will have the greatest effect on improving the quality and connectivity of the UTEP campus:

1 Memorial Triangle
2 University Avenue
3 Hawthorne Street
4 Wiggins Drive & Overlook
5 Schuster Avenue
6 Education/Miner Village
7 Glory Road
8 North Sun Bowl Drive
9 Arroyo
Detail Plan Key (click image for larger version)