Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Campus Context

Regional context of the UTEP campus (click image for larger version)

The UTEP campus is located in a primarily residential area of El Paso, a mile north of the city's Downtown. The site overlooks downtown El Paso to the south and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, across the valley of the Rio Grande to the southwest. The campus is framed at a distance by jagged mountains rising out of the high desert plateau, the Franklin Mountains to the east, and Mexico's Juárez Mountains to the southwest and west. It is bounded on the west by I-10 and on the west and north by the ASARCO property, a mineral refinery no longer in operation. On the east the campus is bounded by commercial development along Mesa and Oregon Streets along with Providence Memorial Hospital/Las Palmas Medical Center. The southern edge of campus borders the Sunset Heights Neighborhood, a historic residential district.

The mountainous landscape of the Chihuahuan Desert (left) provides a stunning context for the UTEP campus.

The UTEP campus today (below), surrounded by the fabric of the growing city.