Campus Master Plan | 2011
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Campus Capacity

With the completion of its buildings currently under construction, the UTEP campus will have approximately 4.3 million gross square feet (gsf) in building facilities. (See Parking Distribution under the Circulation menu for a discussion of the campus's parking facilities.) At the University's current size of 22,106 enrolled students (fall 2010), this represents about 193 gsf/student. Plans to increase oncampus student housing from a current 3% to 10% of the student body will increase UTEP's facilities needs to approximately 217 gsf/student. As the University grows to its goal of 30,000 students by the year 2020, maintaining this 217 gsf/student ratio will require a total of 6.5 million gsf in campus facilities.

With a total of 8.3 million gsf in existing and new facilities, the proposed Campus Plan accommodates this growth and allows for the campus's expansion beyond 2020. The Plan includes approximately 4.8 million gsf of new buildings, many of which are contingent on replacing existing campus buildings that are underutilized or that do not make the best use of their sites. By replacing such buildings with better performing facilities, the University will be able to expand to serve a larger student body while staying largely within its existing boundaries. The additional capacity potentially available on the eastern edge of campus will serve the University as it continues to grow beyond its current goals and to increase its emphasis on research.

Building Removal Plan and Proposed Capacity Plan (mouse over for proposed image, click image for larger version of Proposed Capacity Plan, click here for larger version of Building Removal Plan)

The chart to the right gives approximate footprints of proposed new buildings along with recommended heights to achieve the proposed campus capacity.

1   retail or office space incorporated into
     parking structure
2   includes double-height pass-through
3   includes double-height auditorium
4   includes one-story loggia
5   includes full-height atrium